3-Part Literary Critique over “The Homecoming” by Harold Pinter (1960’s). Each part has a different deadline, BUT I want to bundle this ENTIRE project to one writer in order to ensure consistency. Part 1 [DUE 9/16/17] – Annotated Bibliography w/ minimum of 5 sources from:http://library.lamar.edu (NEW MLA {APRIL 2016} FORMAT) Part 2 [DUE 10/1/17] – Outline (2-3 pages) Part 3 [DUE 10/13/17] – Research Paper (6-7 pages) Further detailed instructions for the details of this assignment are attached via PDF. The specifics for the actual paper begin on page 7-21. Also, it is VERY important to use some of the types of literary criticisms beginning on pages 22-30. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME UNTIL YOU HAVE READ THE ATTACHMENT AND FULLY UNDERSTAND THE ASSIGNMENT

Annotated Bibliography