Tips for writing excellent application essay

The first step when it comes to doing anything good is doing that which interests you. It is because of this that you are always encouraged to write about something that is important to interesting to you. There are many interesting things. They only change from one person to other. Some of the interesting topics to write about are experience, book, people as well as any other thing that has impacted your life in one or the other.

Do not tell plain stories when writing application essays

It is important to reflect and simply not just to recount what happens. Anyone can write about how they visited Mississippi river or how they won a lotto. Don’t just say you won or you visited a place. People have written such stories before and wouldn’t be thrilling to your readers. You should go a notch higher by stating what you learned when you won the lotto. You can also explain how visiting Mississippi river changed you. How it impacted your life. Say something unique.

Being funny when writing application essays

A student who manages to make the admissions officer laugh will never get lost. Being funny however, has limitations. Bear in mind that what makes you laugh might not make the application essay assessor laugh. You don’t want to imagine the harm that you will have brought on yourself if the teacher finds your joke dry.

Answering the right questions in application essays

Please be straightforward with the answers that you will be giving. Ensure that you are not simply telling stories but answering the right question. If you have nothing much to say, do not create things up. Don’t repeat ideas. Such activities make your one going through the application essay suspect that you don’t even have an idea why you applied in the first place.

Editing the application essay

Before you submit your application essay, please remember to give someone to read and suggest changes before submitting it. Reading it yourself might not help as there is a likelihood that you might overlook some of the mistakes. Give independent people to check it for you. By independent, I mean those who never took part in preparing the application essay.

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