Leadership Development:

  Task Details Read the provided document with information about the leadership development programme and answer below questions The actual questions are in bold: Question 1: Why are you applying to join our Leadership Development Programme? We recommend that in your


In February of 2015, Saskatchewan nurse Carolyn Strom posted on Facebook about the care that her dying grand-father received, which she believed to be subpar. She was disciplined by her provincial regulator, a decision that was widely condemned by nursing

Business Plan

Elizabeth Jones, FNP-BC, has been an NP for 8 years. She has worked in the primary care setting, as well as the urgent care setting. She is considering relocating to a state that allows for unrestricted independent practice and opening


PART B: ASSIGNMENT Instructions: Select an administration system that might be implemented by an organisation and complete the activities below. The systems should relate to: Personnel management (e.g. A system that calculates and manages employees ‘annual leave), Financial management (e.g.