INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHYPRIVATE QUESTION POOL – TEST #1 Fall 2017 Directions: [50 pts. total] In as much detail as you can answer one of the following. Number your question using my number. Bring your answers to class with you the

John Brown Last Words

Even today, 150 years after John Brown’s ill-fated raid at Harpers Ferry, controversy surrounds Brown’s actions. Some believe that he was a hero and that his ultimate goal-abolishing slavery-justified his use of violence. Others believe that his use of fear


1. Discuss why it is important to understand how people in the past understood the role of religion. How was it used? What purpose did it serve? What were some of its positive and negative aspects 2. Write 10 Key

A Raisin in the Sun

A Literary Analysis on Dreams in “A Raisin In The Sun” : The play begins with Langston Hughe’s poem, “A Dream Deferred.” This poem discusses the possible results when one’s dreams are deferred. In this essay, Walter’s dreams are deferred.