Reflective Journal

Reflective Journal Task Details Write a 750-word self-reflective journal on the following topic: ‘Reflect on the process of your group presentations (details given). Identify and critically evaluate the strategies used, and indicate how you will address areas for development.’ This


You will need to read the following book: Earle, J., Moran, C. and Ward-Perkins, Z., 2016. The Econocracy: The Perils of Leaving Economics to the Experts. Manchester: Manchester University Press.   The questions here are based on the book, but

Final Memo

The assignment is a legal memo There is a detailed hypothetical situation attached. It has most of the relevant information included, with the details of assignment in the last paragraph. The beginning may seem a little confusing because the story

The topic has to be a in medical condition and needs to be a problem in the city that I currently live. Either Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or Henderson.

Objectives: Evaluate existing healthcare research data for its application to diverse populations. Apply knowledge of social and cultural factors that affect the delivery of care across multiple cultural contexts. Integrate social and cultural assessment data (including language and health literacy)