Evaluation of the effectiveness of the performance appraisal process within the public health in Oman.

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ü 15,000 words excluding the appendix. ü Reference should be 90. ü Chapter 1 Intro, Abstract, Aims. ü Chapter 2 Literature Review. ü Chapter 3 Research Background. ü Chapter 4 Research Framework. ü Chapter 5 Data Analysis. ü Chapter 6 Discussion. ü Chapter 7 Conclusion and Recommendations. How many words will be in each chapter? Also, I am requesting you to do the correction and modification that my supervisor asking for each chapters. Project aims and research questions a) To what extent is the performance appraisal process useful in the process of directing employees to enhance their individual performance. b) The main idea of the report is to actually evaluate what is the level of effectiveness of the performance appraisal process and to assess if the application is a proper conduit to ensure employee performance. Proposed methods/protocol Questionnaires/Surveys Who are the ‘human participants’ in this research? Managers, supervisors and employees working at the Ministry of Health in Oman. Anonymous surveys distributed by your organization ensuring that no gatekeeper gets to decide who participates. Briefly describe how you intend to identify, approach and recruit participants. Participants will be identified by Gender, years of experience in the organization and managerial position. This mix of candidates will allow the researcher to understand the effectiveness of the practices from a variety of perspectives. The application of questionnaires will allow the researcher to obtain a detailed amount of information understanding at the same time the view of participants in the process. The researcher is expected to sent 60 questionnaires Where will the study take place? Within the Ministry of Health in Oman f the study is to be conducted outside the researcher’s home country/place of permanent domicile, what steps are being taken to ensure that the necessary research/ethical/other permissions are secured, and that the researcher is aware of and respectful of any political and cultural sensitivities in that place? The researcher is fully aware of the cultural and political sensitivities of Oman Are there any legal, cultural, religious or other implications to conducting the study and if so, how will these issues be addressed? All the participants of the investigation are Omanis and Muslim therefore there will be no cultural nor religious challenge when conducting the investigation. Legal permission in the organization has already been granted by the Deputy Ministry of Health. How will you gain permission to carry out this research (e.g. obtain data, access to sites etc)? Verbal permission has already being given to the researcher by the Deputy Ministry What is the evidence you will provide to gain the necessary permissions? (Please list and attach.) I have been working in the organization where the investigation will take place for a considerable period of time therefore they are aware of my project and will show all the documentation from the school in the studies that I am currently engaged in.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the performance appraisal process within the public health in Oman