impacts of oil &gas production in Angola


Case Study: Sanawa Oil Ltd

In April 2013 Hazel Akua-Aba, the newly appointed CEO of Sanawa Oil Ltd was facing a managerial dilemma.  Sanawa Oil, one of the medium-sized fast followers in the global oil &gas industry, had recently enjoyed great success in securing E&P contracts in petroleum-producing developing countries alongside increase in the price of crude oil.

Plot the following two sets of variables for Angola on charts using Microsoft Excel:

  • Annual rate of growth of greed and grievance
  • Annual rate of growth of net import/export of oil and gas

Using the two charts and your study of key theoretical concepts from this module develop a strategy for Sanawa Oil Ltd to use in pursuing E&P projects in Angola In developing your strategy you should consider the following:

  1. Drawing on the ‘resource curse’ debate, discuss the attractiveness of Angola for a company such as Sanawa Oil Ltd?
  2. Discuss the feasibility of each of the options available to Sanawa Oil Ltd taking into account the attractiveness factors discussed above, the firm’s strategic objectives and the importance of complying with acceptable global governance standards within the oil &gas industry.
  3. Prepare an implementation plan for the successful realisation of your proposed strategy, including measures to be put in place to deal with any challenges to implementation?

Number of words

2500 words


Harvard with in-text citations

Materials to use

Andrew Inkpen, The oil and gas industry: management, strategy and finance

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Impacts of oil &gas production in Angola