Project/Placement Design and Implementation

Word Limit:

Project Report:2,500 words (Plus or minus 10%)

Task Details:

You are to complete the project and write a project report which must focus on the following.

1. A brief background and context of the project being discussed and analysed; 10% of the task

2. To demonstrate trans-disciplinary models / theories to underpin your analysis; 15% of the task

3. To assess the project phases (preparation and implementation) and evaluate their effectiveness; 15% of the task

4. To discuss the skills that you developed to solve work based problems; 10% of the task

5. To analyse and evaluate the action you did / did not take and why; 20% of the task

6. What learning you took from the project by giving a portfolio of evidence (log books, critical incident diaries and feedback, to be included in the appendices). 30% of the task


The writer must follow the ASSESSMENT MARKING CRITERIA provided.

Project/Placement Design and Implementation