Learning outcomes to be assessed:

1. Produce a mini literature review in response to a particular question or ‘problem’.

2. Demonstrate the skill of evaluation and critical synopsis, appraising texts in the context of

other information and sources. Evaluation of the literature involves, for example, assessing

the suitability of the research design and method of analysis.

3. Demonstrate the skill of synthesis of the literature. This involves comparing and

contrasting sources, noting patterns and themes, making conceptual coherence.

Presentation and submission:

You should use Arial or Times New Roman .12 font. Please number pages and include your

registration number, the module code (P_LRJ) and your group as a header or footer on each page.

Please include a title page (with title, date, name of class teacher, word count, student ID number,

and your group) and a contents page.

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