Epidemiology assignment

Epidemiology assignment
Choose one sexually transmitted disease. Access relevant public health data and report the following for a specific area.

  • What is the prevalence and/or incidence of the disease in the area?
  • How does this compare with the region and rest of the UK?
  • What is the trend (i.e. is prevalence increasing or decreasing)?

4: Screening
A test to screen for the sexually transmitted disease discussed above is being trialed.  Data from the trial is given below.   (Table to be provided)

  1. Calculate the sensitivity of the test.  What does this mean?
  2. Calculate its specificity.  What does this mean?
  3. Calculate its positive predictive value.  What does this mean?
  4. Calculate its negative predictive value.  What does this mean?
  5. What do you think of the accuracy of this test?
  6. How does it match up to any 4 criteria for a screening test? (please see CANVAS folder on screening, the 4 criteria are not those that you have just calculated)
  7. Would you recommend that your general hospital adopts this screening program and test – give reasons

Number of words
1000 words