Person Centred Care Plan

Person Centred Care Plan
Task Details
Select ONE case scenario from the list of 3 provided.
Vipul Patel – Age 43 Admitted to  A&E with a suspected heart attack after he collapsed whilst out having dinner with his family
David McDermott – Age 65 is living at home with his wife but has problem with alcohol intake, forgetfulness, poor personal hygiene and a recent fall.
Evelyn Goldstone – Age 92 admitted to an orthopaedic ward with a Left Dynamic Hip Screw due to a fractured left neck of femur following a fall @ a residential care home for the elderly
Give a brief rationale for your chosen scenario. This must reflect the person-centred approach to care.
State the 3 problems your care plan will address.
Ensure confidentiality
                                                           Main Body
Provide an overview of the person centred care framework and its relevance to the care planning for this patient
Adopting a problem solving approach, devise a Care Plan for each of the 3 problems identified:
Assessment: Carry out an assessment of your patient using a chosen assessment framework and any other risk assessment tools; while adopting a holistic approach. Use literature evidence to support your choice of assessment framework/tools
Problem Identification: Identify and describe the nature of the 3 problems your patient has. Provide problem statements according to nursing process framework.
Goal Statement: Write Goal statement(s) for each problem following SMART /MACROS criteria. Short term goals are easy to measure
Nursing Interventions/ Implementation
You should describe and justify the range of interventions you have for each of the problems.
Show how your interventions were informed by the person centred care framework
Use literature evidence to justify and support your nursing actions as much as possible
Wherever possible demonstrate an understanding of the legal and ethical implications for your actions
Provide a brief overview of your person-centred discharge plan for your patient. An overview of possible care of the patient outside the hospital and why.
In your intervention/Implementation, you should demonstrate how the care planning process facilitated practice to meet the concepts of the Valuing people’s framework:
– Value (Respect and Dignity)
– Autonomy
– Life Experience
– Understanding Relationship
– Environment of care
You should describe the strategies you selected for evaluation and briefly discuss the outcomes for your patient. Link this to your patient’s goal statements.
Write a brief summary of your assignment.
State benefits (if any) of doing this assignment, linking it to your future  practice as an adult nurse.(keep this short!)
Reference list
Provide a reference list of all references cited in the essay; following the Harvard style of referencing within the text and on the list. Seek help from Learning resources /Perry library, if needed. No Bibliography list required.