3 Roles of A conclusion in a research work or a custom essay

Want to ace in that homework? Then learn the importance of a conclusion in an assignment.
From the previous writing, I talked about the major parts of an essay or a research paper. These parts were the intro, body, and conclusion. Each and every of these parts plays specific roles in ensuring that the message that was intended is given. The intro, for example, is like a curtain raiser. It prepares the reader for the dossier in the body. The three parts are therefore interconnected, and they relate with one another. Today, I am going to shed light on the importance of a conclusion in an essay or any academic paper that you are writing.
The conclusion as you know should be that last paragraph that you jot down. The first role of a conclusion in an essay is that of the summary. It summarises the arguments put forth in the essay or research paper. It is at this moment that the writer tends to remind the reader of his or her stand concerning the subject.
Secondly, a conclusion also restates the thesis. The thesis is what you set out to defend in your writing. In case the work was too long, the reader might forget the thesis. The conclusion serves this role so well. It reminds the reader of the thesis.
Lastly, the conclusion introduces different ways or even new ways of thinking about the research problem. It should be remembered that you don’t introduce new information but rather a new perspective of seeing things. This should help in offering insights as well as other creative approaches that assist in framing the research to suit the research topic.
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