4 steps to writing a Research Paper

Research paper: Instructions on how to write an academic essay.
In our day to day interactions, we are expected to write flawless essays and research papers. Not knowing the dos and the don’ts will place on the wrong sides with your instructor. There are four basics that anyone who sets out to write an excellent essay or research paper must stick to. These four elements are; planning to revise, choosing a narrow topic, using sources appropriately and lastly avoiding distractions.
Planning to Revise
Always have in mind that every short paper comes up as a result of a certain process. It, therefore, means that you have to start somewhere before moving onto something better. In some cases, you end up somewhere unexpected. When such happens, then be happy as you will have learnt. Time is also vital when writing essays and research papers. Never procrastinate. Do whatever you can today.
The reader might get distracted reading the paper. Therefore, use the best insights about the essay or the research paper just at the beginning of the paper. Those insights can never be known when you didn’t write a draft. You should also remember that when submitting the paper, the title of the paper that you were writing, the introduction of your work as well as the conclusion should match.
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Choosing a narrow topic
Irrespective of the time frame, always ensure that you choose on a narrow topic. Whenever you have a topic that you would like to write about, always try to focus on one little part. This is what some people might tell you to zoom into the topic until you can see clearly all that is expected of you. The aim is to help do away with unwanted content. Zooming in avoids being irrelevant.
Using sources appropriately
In most cases, the essays and research papers that we write are not our ideas. The ideas are gotten from the readings and the researches that we conduct. We only don’t need to use in situations where we are asked to write about opinion pieces or reflection papers. Many a time we are expected to use the different citation styles. The commonly used citation styles are APA, MLA, HAVARD, CHICAGO, and OXFORD among others. Always ensure that you stick to the citation style that your instructor requested to be used. Don’t mix 2 or more citation styles in a single essay or research paper.  Visit Theses and Essay Writers to learn more about citations.
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Avoiding distractions
You should always stay on the topic. If you are unable to come up with the topic for your research paper or essay, try this trick. Just stare at the computer screen for some time. An idea will hit your mind. It seems stupid, but it works. Stay focused. As we come to the end, here are a few don’ts that you must observe
Avoid clichés and glittering generalities (for example, it is well-known fact that…)
Don’t summarize too much
Don’t make the prose look inflated
Don’t produce a photocopy of your lecture notes
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