Global strategy of a Multinational Corporation

Global strategy of a Multinational Corporation. This will emphasize the elements discussed throughout the course. Emphasis will be placed on quality of research, completeness of analysis, understanding and application of relevant models, and clear and concise presentation and documentation. The details of the Term Paper will be discussed in the first week of the semester. Your Term Paper is your major contribution, where you will exhibit your learning and comprehension of global management strategy of a MNC. Emphasis should be on the understanding of the problems, critical evaluation as well as the ability to clearly communicate proposed solutions. Findings will be documented and presented.
Background of the company
Places of operations
Issues that the company is facing
Solution suggested

• Community Resilience Mapping Project 08/06/2017
The goal is to map the assets and tools that promote resilience for older adults in your community. The objective is to take inventory of resilience-related assets and gaps in your community, create a written report that addresses the resources, and then provide suggestions for creating a plan for resilience promotion for older adults at the community level. In other words, you will map your community and then write up your findings and recommendations in a 1,500-page report. To achieve this, you will engage in Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and Asset Mapping (AM) assessment of the resources available to older adults, focusing on aging-related issues as they pertain to resilience. The AI and AM community resilience for older adults’ assessment will take into account:
• Views of older community residents, service providers, businesses, churches, schools and others in conversations about creating communities that support resilience and aging;
• Identify neighborhood assets and gaps – including individual, organizational, and community strengths that will form the foundation for building an elder-friendly community environment;
• Determine current capacity for healthy and resilient aging and readiness to improve personal and community conditions for older adults; and
• Identify resilience building programs and projects and suggest recommendations for improvement. Are they age appropriate? Culturally appropriate?
Critically analyse 3 physical techniques performed on a patient during a respiratory examination. The 3 techniques are percussion, auscultation and tactile fremitus. 2000 words….200 word Introduction
OCR History A level Coursework : Assess the importance of Northern Army Leadership, in relation to the Confederate Defeat.
This is the OCR History A level Coursework titled : Assess the importance of Northern Army Leadership, in relation to the Confederate Defeat. Factors could include (missed confederate opportunities, political leadership ect.) It has to stick to the specific guidelines of OCR though. It would be about 3000 words. Also with Havard formatting.

 Care Planning Critique based on care delivered to client, integrating Biosciences and Psychosocial concepts.

Critically evaluate and apply key bioscience concepts underpinning health and ill health.
Demonstrate and critically appraise advancing essential care skills required for safe and effective care planning.
Evaluate theoretical and practical principles and the relevant evidence base, which informs decision making required for planning care in acute, recovery and end of life care.