Rejuvenate an existing, but flawed change process focused on increasing equity in instruction and/or assessment: Select a conflict situation at your school, district, or work site that resulted from the introduction of a new change initiative, but has stalled or created disequilibrium and now requires resolution. Identify the change that has caused issues. Provide a brief background or history of the issue including: Whose idea was it? Was it a consensus or forced initiative? Who “bought in” and who did not? Clarify the situation and determine the true roadblocks by identifying such items as the driving forces, restraining forces, personal agendas, specific interest groups or cliques, varying agendas of the major players, etc.

You decide. You may also want to consider the following: Environmental forces (national, regional, state, or community level forces driving change at your school) Strategic imperatives (action your school or district needs to take) Organizational imperatives (changes needed in the school or district) Cultural imperatives (school or district norms that need to change) Leader and employee behavior (specific behaviors that need to change) Mindset (assumptions, beliefs, and mental models that need to change)
Next, go to the “balcony” like David King at Kennedy High to gain insight. What do you see? Which frames are paramount and which are lacking? Now you are ready to create a strategy based on your growing knowledge of organizational change and leadership to remedy the stalemate or disequilibrium that includes a minimum of: 5-6 action steps based on your knowledge of theory and framing Address such items as what your role will be. Who else will be involved? From which frames and organizational theorists will you borrow the heaviest? Consider Kotter’s (1996) 8 steps for leaders outlined in earlier learning activities. How might these help? Lastly, what intimidates you the most about becoming an agent of change and enacting this plan? Attached initial rough draft to help assist with this. This is to build off of this initial draft. Link to review four frames by Bolman and Deal:

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