5 things to do in Zanzibar

Have you ever thought of traveling to Zanzibar? Well, these are the top 5 things to do while in Zanzibar. Zanzibar is an island in Tanzania. It’s an island that’s full of stunning beaches with varied culture. The five most important things to do in Zanzibar include the following.
Spice Visit
I know it is not the first time you are hearing or seeing the word spice. The Zanzibar is known for spices. In fact, in the whole of east Africa, Zanzibar has the largest spice market. There is, therefore, no better way through which you can learn about the culture of the Zanzibar people without learning about their greatest commodities, their spices. Spice trading is, in fact, their most profitable and therefore their wealthiest market. You can always pick from a variety of tours and then with the help of the tour guides, you get to know more about the spice industry.
Stroll at the Forodhani Gardens
A visit to the Forodhani Gardens reveals the oldest building in Stone Town. This building is referred to as the Old Fort by the town dwellers. The Old Fort was built during the 17th century by the town dwellers to defend themselves from attack by the Portuguese. It is currently one of the major tourist attractions in Stone Town. There are remains of the former port and a courtyard that the locals use a market for their locally produced goods. There is also an amphitheater where functions are held.
Eat delicious meals at The Rock
Do you want a place where you can be enjoying excellent views of the island while at the same time having sumptuous meals? The Rock is the place to be! Just as the name suggests, the hotel is situated on a rock. It, therefore, offers you a good sight of the city’s major tourist attractions. Remember that visitors not only flock this place to have a fine view; they also come for the wonderful cuisines that are prepared here. It offers the best meals in the whole of Zanzibar Island. Who doesn’t want the best by the way? To reserve a place, book as soon as possible because The Rock only has 12 tables that are always full.
Visit the House of Wonders
This is also one of the places that you must visit when in Zanzibar. As the name suggests, you will see a lot of wonders in this house. Visually, it is stunning building that is located in the Stone Town. The oldest exhibition of the Swahili culture is found here. It also houses some of the oldest exhibitions of the Zanzibari culture. The House of Wonders is, in fact, the tallest building in town. It is location is appropriate as you can access many important areas from the House of Wonders. To reach the House of Wonders, just look out for the Mizingani Road. You can as well look for the Forodhani Gardens.
Bask in Nungwi Beach
This is beach is fairly unfrequented by tourists. The Nungwi beach is located in a village found in the North Western part of Zanzibar. It is actually one of the top beaches that you must visit when in Zanzibar. This is because its tides don’t head out too much as compared to other beaches. When you are looking for a place to soak up in the sun. It is also best for people looking for opportunities to deep their toes in the sea. There are no luxury hotels around this place.