Persuasive Critique F17

Written Assignment #2 – Persuasive Critique F17
For your second theory critique, I would like you to examine the assumptions of one of the persuasive theories.  Please choose among cognitive dissonance, social judgment theory, and elaboration likelihood model.  Please answer the following questions.

  1. What theory did you choose? (2 points) Which paradigm (objective or interpretive) did Griffin, Ledbetter, and Sparks (2015) classify your theory as fitting best and why? Hint: Look at the criteria for objective and interpretive theories. (6 points)
  2. What paradigmatic assumptions are associated with that paradigm? (Discuss all of the “Paradigmatic Assumptions” from the slide from the first week of class) (6 points). Are these assumptions a good fit for the theory?  Why or why not? (6 points)

Please submit your completed assignment to the D2L dropbox. Include citations and references as appropriate.
Rubric and Points Possible
Part A              8
Part B              12
Total                20