American Revolution

Respond to the following prompts: -Which form of government, the Articles of Confederation (AoC), or the U.S. Constitution, was more faithful to the ideals and goals of the American Revolution, and why? -In what ways did each fulfill the promises of the American colonists who took up arms against the British, and in what ways did each betray those promises? -Which government, the AoC, or the Constitution, was closest in spirit to the ideals as expressed by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence and Paine in Common Sense? Explain. Your response must be in Word of PDF format, double-spaced, and in 12 point Times New Roman font. Make sure to be specific, and use as many sources as you can to support your argument. Think of this paper as if it were to be published in an academic journal. Thus, I should NOT see the words “I,” “you,” “we,” “us,” or “our,” unless in a quote! Keep it third person objective!I will be grading first and foremost on content and the strength of your argument. I will also evaluate how well you used the sources to support your argument. To a lesser extent I will be assessing the quality of your writing. An ‘A’ paper will be well-written, with very few syntax or grammar mistakes, have a strong and clear argument, and be well-supported with relevant and sufficient evidence using specific examples, references, and quotes. So source usage will be crucial! That is why if you have not been doing the readings, this exam will be very challenging and potentially quite time-consuming. In that way, this exam is also a test of how well you know the sources we have studied this semester, and I will be factoring that in when I grade your papers.