Article critique

An article refers to the analysis of the content in an article example scientific or literary article. The critique can be either positive or negative depending on the reviewer of the article. To analyze an article, you carry out three main activities identifying, evaluating and responding to the article.
To validate a critique of an article objectivity is needed when supporting your information through providing facts and explanations to support your opinion. Using instinct and emotion to validate your article is inaccurate and affects the understanding of the one reading your critique.
You also need to be skilled in analyzing articles. To sharpen your skills, you need to read many articles and try to analyze them. Analyzing an article involves identifying the different perspectives taken in the article and the strengths and weaknesses of the article. This helps you gather more skills and knowledge about the topic to help you handle the experts.
To adequately critic an article, actively respond to the article. To do this, analyze and thoroughly explain your opinion on the background, purpose, methodology, balance of ideas and evidence used in the article. By covering these questions in detail, you create a comprehensive article critique.
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