Organizational Changes

Part A Models Influencing American Terrorism. In this section, provide a summary of each of the following three (3) models of terrorism. Discuss the important differences (tactics, targets, goals, etc.) that exist among the three (3) models and identify the reasons each model evolved into the next model. (60 points) 1. Rural Revolutionary Model 2. Urban Cellular Model 3. Uncoordinated Violence Model Part B Influence on Domestic Terrorism: In this section of the paper, discuss the effects of international terrorism on domestic leftist and right-wing groups. Include a discussion of the influence of the media in disseminating information. (20 points) Part C Networking: Analyze the impact that international networking may have on the Uncoordinated Violence Model. (20 points)

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Arabic Perfumes and the Global Fragrance Market

Discussion Questions

  • What are the critical success factors for a perfumery?
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis for AJMAL
  • Using Porter Five Forces Analysis. How do you evaluate the industry attractiveness
  • Calculate the following financial ratios for the global competitors:
  1. Gross profit margin
  2. Operating profit margin
  3. Net profit margin
  4. ROA
  5. ROE
  6. Current ratio
  7. Debt-to-assets
  8. Debt-to-equity
  9. Inventory turnover
  10. Days in inventory
  11. Accounts receivable turnover
  12. Average accounts receivable collection period

3.1 What is the average gross profit margin ratio for the global competitors? Are these ratios generally higher or lower than those of companies that sell consumer goods? Why?

3.2 How do operating expenses for global competitors compare with cost of goods sold expense? Why?

3.3 Which of the global competitors most efficiently handles its inventory?

3.4 Which company most efficiently handles its receivables?

  • What recommendations you would give to enter the perfumery market in GCC. Would you use mergers and alliances, or you would go alone?. Discuss the four generic growth strategies and explain which of them is the most ap

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The Impact of Islam-phobia on the civil peace in the United States

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1-1: Islamophobia and its impact on political life in USA.
1-2: Islamophobia and its impact on Public freedom and Security in USA.
1-3: Islamophobia and its impact on decision-making in USA.
1-4: Muslims participation in America’s economy
1-5: Summary.

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