Business Case Study

With the growing prevalence of the global economy, international business is becoming a central focus to companies and organizations across a variety of industries. In this course, you learned about how the international business environment affects companies, the effect of globalization on organizations, and how culture and the government play key roles in international management. In a 1500 to 2000-word paper, please write a business case study.

Paper details

You are the owner of a beverage manufacturer whose primary product is Nova Energy Drink. The drink’s tagline is ‘We will get you there.’ Your company is a small business based in Oregon that distributes throughout the United States. You want to introduce your product to the Latin American market, specifically within South America. As a ‘green’ Oregon company, you place a lot of importance on doing good work in the community and being environmentally sustainable. For this case study, you will need to analyze the global market for your beverage and choose two South American countries to which you’ll introduce your product. Write a report based on your analysis and recommendation, and be sure to address each of the following: Your demographic, using Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions as a foundation for your response. Barriers to entry into the foreign market. Look at a minimum of one cultural AND one legal or regulatory issue that your product Nova Energy Drink may have in each of the countries you have selected. If these barriers influence your selection of the target market or strategies for entry, discuss potential impact and strategies for either overcoming the barriers or selecting an alternative market. The effects of currency on penetration of these new markets. Identify positive and/or negative factors based on currency exchange. Compare the costs of doing business in each country with the costs of doing business in the United States. A brief description of how you will maintain your history as a socially responsible company in these foreign markets, identifying the ‘bottom of the pyramid’ demographic and how they play into your social responsibility plan. Justify the proposed entry into the two new markets within the framework of the triple bottom line. Any management infrastructure requirements for entering and maintaining a business presence in these new markets.