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Case Study APA FORMAT   (1) title page  (2) conclusion and  (3) reference page
Comprehensive description of economy in each nation (20 Points) Proficiency, Knowledge, Understanding, and Research Depth Synthesis, Analysis, and Comprehension Points Equal 0 No Assignment Submitted. Section Points Possible < 15 Does not refer to any examples or theories to support thesis. Sources are not credible. No discernible thesis is developed. Does not integrate theory or knowledge in an acceptable fashion. Section Points Possible 15-16 Alludes to examples and theories in a general way to support thesis. Sources are suspect. Levels of depth and understanding are minimally acceptable. Integrates theory and knowledge in a cursory manner. Section Points Possible 17-18 Supports thesis. Refers to examples or theories from peer-reviewed or other credible sources. Shows a credible level of depth and understanding of the subject. Integrates theory and knowledge in an accurate way to support thesis
I need a detailed paper with no grammar errors or spelling errors, punctuation is a must
Running head: The Rise of India’s Drug Industry
Case study questions:
Case Study: The Rise of India’s Drug Industry
1- How might US pharmaceutical companies and US consumers benefit from the rise of the Indian pharmaceutical industry?

  1. Who might have lost out as a result of the recent rise of the Indian pharmaceutical industry?
  2. Do the benefits from trade with the Indian pharmaceutical sector outweigh the losses?
  3. What international trade theory (or theories) best explain the rise of the India as a major exporter of pharmaceutical