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1. A forklift raises crates of mass 600kg and a height of 3m. How much work is done?
2. What is the mass of a lift if 400 000J is required to raise the lift a height of 20m?
3. How much work must be done on a motor cycle of mass 250kg to accelerate it uniformly from rest at 3m/s for 4s?
4. What is the gain in kinectic energy of an object of mass 40kg if it falls from rest at 4m/s
5. What loss of kinectic energy occurs as the speed of a bicycle is reduced from 12m/s to 4m/s? The mass of bicycle and cyclist is 100kg.
6. What is the gain in potential energy of a pendulum bob of weight 15N which is raised vertically 0.1m above its lowest position?
7. A brick of mass 2kg is dropped from the top of a tower. How hgh is the tower if the velocity of the brick upon stricking the ground is 30m/s.
8. How high does a ball of mass 0.5kg travel if it is given an initial upward kinectic energy of 46J?
9. A pendulum bob of mass 0.5kg swings through its lowest point of travel with a speed of 0.8m/s. To what maxium vertical height will it travel?
10. An arrow of mass 0.1kg is fired vertically upwards with an intial velocity of 30m/s. Determine the:
a. Kinectic energy
b. potential energy
When its upward velocity has decreased to 10m/s.

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