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BMW manufactures the roadster BMW Z3 and now the BMW Z4, while Mazda manufactures the roadster Mazda Miata. (a) Please analyze the DIFFERENCES and SIMILARITIES in the target markets of the Mazda Miata versus the BMW Z3/Z4. Try to focus mainly on the DIFFERENCES in the tergeting of the two companies. (b) Make sure that you provide justification of the above by citing advertisements, articles, or/and explaining your conclusions. (c) As the BMW has moved from the Z3 to the Z4, and over the years Mazda introduced ‘newer’ versions of the Miata, do you think that the companies changed their ‘target markets’. Explain your conclusions. Your answer must AT LEAST make reference to concepts and ideas developed based on Chs 4 and 7. The rest of the textbook can also be referred to.” Consumer behavior building marketing strategy” font size 11, 1.5 line spacing, expected length of answers 1.5 pages to 2 pages.