Child Free

Assignment 1 Answer question with at least 200 words and use the remaining word count to respond to classmate. Should the federal government or individual states determine access to abortions services? Please respond to at least one classmates. Classmate-I think the federal government and individual states should not be allowed to regulate abortion services. Abortions are a woman’s choice and I don’t think anyone should have the opportunity to tell any woman what they can and can’t do with their bodies. I may be pro life for myself but every women should have the chance to choose what they do with their body. The government is comprised of mostly men. Men who will never experience pregnancy or the thoughts that race through a woman’s head when she has to decide if she wants to have that baby or not. They will never understand the pain that a woman will go through if doctors deem her pregnancy to be too harmful to her and she has to have an abortion. How can anyone who will never experience anything that a woman’s body will go through be allowed to regulate it? Assignment 2 To Be Childfree Are “Childfree-by-Choice Couples” Selfish? What are are the advantages and/or disadvantages of choosing not to have children? Write a 1 page response to this question. Be sure to use the text to support your perspective. Cite all sources for full credit.