chuck klosterman

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Order instructions: please read the instruction and follow to exactly. please use the books written by :chuck klosterman , the name of the book is : i wear the black hat. please read: \”preface\” \”villains who are not villains\” \”easier than typing\” instruction: hey dudes. so i know this is unusual, but i am putting up your reading and writing assignments simultaneously. i won\’t be doing this all semester, but i figured that it would be a good idea to get you used to seeing how this will work. i will typically put up a reading assignment, wait a few days, then put up a writing assignment. the writing assignment you will then post via canvas, and there will be a link to where you turn it in included in each writing assignment (including this one). so, on to the assignment. this assignment will be a three-parter (with three separate essays, each essay being one single-spaced page, meaning you will write three different one page, single-spaced essays). and this is very important: please turn in your essays as one document. turnitin will not allow you to turn in more than one document, so keep your three essays in one document, and upload that one. so, your prompts (based on the readings). 1. write a one-page single-spaced essay that answers the following question: why do we care about people? 2. write a one-page single-spaced essay that addresses the assumption (that klosterman makes) that people (basically all people who have and watch tv, which means everyone, at least insofar as those people who live in countries that allow the free viewing (not free as in money, but free as in choice) live their real lives in accordance with the fake lives they see in media, and especially the fake lives in media (tv, film) that we, the viewers, assume can be real, all while knowing they are fake. this paper can discuss these ideas in whatever way you see fit. no rules. 3. write a one-page single-spaced essay that addresses the following (and please give very specific examples): is it acceptable to behave like a criminal in order to stop crime? and again, if i haven\’t made it clear–please be as creative as possible! that\’s what is most important to me. i want to see your brain splattered on the page–don\’t overthink these, just think them. think them hard, then write them easy. i can\’t wait to read them