College application essay prompts

College application essay prompts
Before one is admitted to any learning institution, it is always a requirement that they write an application essay. Because there are numerous learning institutions, there are many college application essays prompts that the student might be required to choose from. The following are some of the most common college application essays prompts.
The most common College application essay prompt that you might be required to write is the Share your story. When asked about this, the most important thing to do is to answer by this quiz by reflecting on either a hobby or a facet of your personality. Another important thing to the writer about when asked to share your story is by talking about an experience that is genuinely meaningful or unique to you as the student. Admission officers always want to feel as well as be connected to you. As you try to do this, always please remember to avoid recounting some of the ordeals that you went through in high school. You should, therefore, choose something that they will not discover that happened when you were in high school.
College application essay prompt 2: challenging a belief.
Getting this right implies that you will be offered a position in the school that you are applying for. The best way to answer this question is by focusing on a time or a moment when you had to stand up to others or an experience during a time when your own preconceived was challenged. It is worth noting that this prompt should be chosen if and only you are sure that you have an experience that is worth sharing. Admission officers tend to ignore vague essays that don’t tell them anything useful about you.
College application essay prompt 3: solving a problem
This prompt is always given when the admission officers are interested in knowing how you think. They will also give you this prompt to see how you can act in case of different situations. To manage this prompt, it is always good that you start by stating a problem that offers a solution to the problem. The admission officers always look for thought-provoking insights in the solution that you offer the problem. Don’t always forget to explain how the problem is important to you.

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