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The difference between college essay writing and college research writing.
Many times you have been required to write an essay and a research paper. Students tend to confuse what they are required to do when it comes to college essay writing and college research writing. This piece of writing discusses some of the difference that one should notice when it comes to college essay writing and college research writing.
The first difference between college essays and college research is what other authors refer to like flavor. Many of the research papers that you will be required to write while in college can be grouped as compare or contrast research, cause, and effect, analytical, subject base, argumentative among others.  The subject-based essay is the most common types of research papers in colleges. College essay writing, however, on the other hand, tend to be limited to either being academic, philosophical or narrative.  An academic essay did at college essay writing level usually, includes elements like the literature review. A literature review of an essay can be described as a summary or the evaluation of the information that was used in writing the essay. The literature review in essays serves the following functions; summarize, evaluate as well as bring clarity on a piece of information.
Another difference when it comes to college essay writing is that when writing essays, the writer ends up putting his or her thoughts on a piece of paper. As they write, it is always a requirement that they consider the audience that will consume the essay. As such, the writing should always be well organized, supported by appropriate pieces of information or facts. The thoughts expressed should also be connected, meaning that there should be cohesion in the text.  When talking about college research writing, the writer is expected to conduct a thorough study before presenting the facts. The most import stage is the compilation as well as the evaluation of the information at hand. The writer is then expected to restructure so as to be able to represent the topic using their words. This is what other authors call giving the work your point of view. This can be achieved by using the appropriate citations in your work.

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