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Tips for writing a college essay
As you all know, writing a college essay can be one of the daunting exercises for a student. Many do not like writing college essays. This could be attributed to many factors. Below are some of the tips that can guide you as you write your college essay.
Choosing a topic when writing  college essays
The topic you choose during writing college essays will determine your success or failure. A topic you choose for the essay should be smart. By being SMART, I mean that the topic should be as specific as possible. It should also be measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.
Focus when writing college essays
The focus should always be narrow. This is the only way you can be sure that you are not going to veer off the topic. If the college essay you are writing is about yourself, remember to major on one aspect of your life rather than talk about everything. It is always critical to have the readers in mind even as you write. Bear in mind that they have to find the major idea that you are trying to pass across. If not sure, you can always ask a teacher to read the first part of the essay for you.
Showing and not telling when writing college essays
Remember not to state facts so as to get your ideas across.  It is important to include very specific details. These helps in putting forth your ideas. You can, for instance, describe situations when you were surrounded by different kinds of people instead of just showing that you like to surround yourself with people who have various backgrounds and interests. Describe what you gained as a result of being with those people.
Using your ideas in college essays
As you write college essays, remember that it is important to use your own voice. Avoid clichés and phrases that have been used time and again. You should also avoid using words that appear to be overly formal as well as the use of a business-like a language.  Be succinct when it comes to word use. The last thing to do is to ask other people to proofread the essay for you.  Never turn in an essay that hasn’t been proofread.

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