Communication Style Self-Assessment

Reflection Paper Using the results of the Communication Style Self-Assessment and the 16 Personalities assessment, write a 2-3 page reflection paper considering the following: Communication Style What are the qualities of your identified communication style? What are your initial reactions to your results? Accurate or inaccurate, why? From your perspective does the communication style accurately depict where you fall within the dominance and sociability continuums discussed in Chapter 3? Why or why not? Give examples from your life when this communication style has been evident or refuted. Personality Type What is your personality type, and the qualities described? Do you think that it is an accurate portrayal, why or why not? After reading about how this particular personality interacts within relationships, friendships, the workplace, etc., what realizations or conclusions have you come to? Give examples from your life of how the qualities presented may or may not have played out. Compare and Contrast Does your communication style compliment or contrast with the personality style? What are some of the challenges and strengths that your communication and personality style may bring to the work place? Guidelines/Submission Your paper should be formatted in 12 pt Times New Roman, double spaced. Bring the paper to class on 9/18/17 links below: