Construction Technology

Construction Technology
Task Details:
Your task is to write a report describing and analysing the changes to the structure, fabric and services of a building over time.
Select a non-domestic building to which you can gain access to both the exterior and the major interior public spaces and that has undergone a significant transformation e.g. a major alteration, extension, programme of refurbishment or change of use
1. Write a report that contains the following:
• An introduction that provides a brief overview of the building and the transformation(s) it has undergone. You should indicate the location of the building, its general type and form, its current and original uses, its age (approximately), the major changes it has undergone over its life and any other matters you consider relevant to the subsequent discussion. (Indicative length 500 words)
• A section discussing the structure and envelope of the building and how these have changed over time. For example, whether the building has a structural frame, load-bearing walls, the type of roof structure, type of floor, types of external cladding and whether these features have been altered or replaced over time. (Indicative length 750 words)
• A section discussing the utility and climate services within the building and how these may have changed. For example you might include a discussion of types of services present, how these services are distributed around the building and any evidence that these services have been changed or upgraded over the years. (Indicative length 750 words)
2. The building should be of sufficient size and complexity to make the report non-trivial. Please discuss your choice with the module tutor if you are unsure.
• A concluding section that summarizes the major changes to structure, fabric and services that have occurred over time and provides a brief, evidence based analysis of how effective these changes have been in providing a suitable environment for contemporary use. (Indicative length 500 words)
Your report should make use of clear, relevant illustrations. It would be very helpful to include a sketch plan (not necessarily to scale) of the building which indicates the position of the features described.
It is anticipated that the report will be based primarily on first hand observation of the building. However, some parts of it (e.g. the roof structure) may not be readily accessible. In these circumstances you should discuss the most likely form of the inaccessible part based on your general reading of the subject area. You should clearly indicate where you have done this in the report.
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