Country Economic Analysis

Choose one of the following countries:
India or Argentina and provide a written report that along with all the requisite sections of a normal report (title page, executive summary, contents, bibliography) considers:
a. An array of indicators stating the level of country (under)development using economic indicators as well as Human Development Index (HDI).
b. Obstacles to the development of the country of your choice. Please make sure to consider not only economic, but also social, geographic and other development inhibiting factors, relevant for the country of your choice.
c. Policies/remedies used to try to develop that country.
d. Your analysis (either a separate section or evident throughout the report) should place these policies/remedies in the context of ONE of the major development approaches. In particular, you should explain how your chosen approach would propose to solve the problems of the country of your choice and how does it view the suggested solutions. You should also explain why in your opinion your chosen development approach is the most suitable for the country of your choice. Failure to do this will considerably limit your grade.
You may choose one of the following development approaches:

  • Linear Stages of Growth;
  • Structural Patterns of Development;
  • International Dependence Revolution;
  • Neoclassical Counterrevolution.

Appendices do not count as part of the word count, but also will not be marked. When using tables and data, if these are important to your argument and analysis, these should be incorporated in the main body of the text rather than be included in appendices.
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