Criminal Law, Liability for death

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Criminal Law, Liability for death
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Read the case study provided and answer below questions:
1. Applying your knowledge of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 provide a discussion of how the offence under s.1 of the Act could be applied to the facts of the scenario. (40 marks)
2. Are there any exemptions under the Act that might affect the liability of any of the parties? (15 marks)
3. In relation to the death of the seven-month foetus provide a discussion in relation to liability for death.(15 marks)
4. Are there other homicide offences in relation to the deaths of the 85 victims that might be considered by the Crown Prosecution Service? (20 marks)
5. Assuming that a corporate manslaughter conviction was successful consider the sanctions available to the courts. (10 marks)
Answer questions 1 to 5 in order. Please do not answer the whole work in one go. Please do it in parts like first answer question one and then answer question two and then three… please make sure you do this assignment UK based law
Do you have any materials that have to be used:
Books and Journals, also use case law and legislation
2000 words