Critical Essay

Critical Essay #2
Read and annotate the essays “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan; ”Fourth of July” by Audre Lorde; and “ The Paranoid Style of American Policing” by TaNehisi Coates. Then, using at least 2 of the works as the basis for your analysis write (type) a formal essay (2 page minimum/double space) in which you elaborate on the question below. You should not feel strictly bound by the essay question. It is meant as a guide or serve as a framework for developing your own thoughts on the topic. You are expected to make ample references to the readings.
Essay Question: Race is something that is integral to the American experience. Understanding race and racism in an American context goes a long way to understand America.  In each of the works, the writers discuss how their lives or or experiences are affected by their racial backgrounds.  Discuss the role of race and racism in the context of these experiences and observations.

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