Culture Neutral Assessment

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Culture Neutral Assessment Presentation (Team Assignment) Scenario: Mr. Gregario Romaro is a Hispanic 71-year-old male who comes to you for psychological testing to determine if he is mentally competent to maintain control of his financial affairs. His children want to have him appointed a conservator because of his age. He has many financial assets that his children want to control. Mr. Romaro has lived alone for the past 10 years since the death of his wife Maria and has had no difficulties. He speaks English well, but his primary language is Spanish. He is alert, cooperative, and anxious to put his children’s anxiety to rest as he feels he can continue to be in charge of his own affairs. Choose one psychological test that you could give Mr. Romaro. Research that test as to its applicability for his age, ethnicity, and language ability. Include two research-based sources on the use of this chosen test in assessing for competency. Develop a 2-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes on cultural Include the selection process of a “culture-neutral assessment” that you choose and have researched. Include examples of when culture-biased assessments have been problematic (find citations of those who have been wrongly convicted because of test results, or those who have not been given a job because of improper testing, etc). Include reliability and validity issues of the test you chose and how these may factor into a decision by a psychologist in using or not using the test. Is this test available in other languages? Include cultural issues with projective testing and why or why did you not choose a projective test for this scenario. End the presentation with a summary/conclusion and include appropriate resources and references in APA format.
• Reliability and Validity Issues of the test chosen
• How do reliability and validity issues of the chosen test factor into a decision by a psychologist in using or not using the test? •
Is the test available in other languages?