Data Analysis for Economics and Business

Task Details
Excel sheet provided is the EU27 consumers’ expenditure during 1995 and 2010. Double click above data sheet to see the full dataset. The data are in nominal terms and measured in million euros.
Write a brief report summarizing what the data is saying about the consumer expenditure trends. In your report, you must demonstrate both graphical and numerical techniques. Discuss the implications of statistics you provided.
You will not pass this assignment if you only present graphics and numerical statistics without meaningful discussion.
 Below points must be presented in your report:
1. Construct bar charts to display expenditure in each category for selected years.  Discuss    (N:B SELECT TWO OR MORE YEARS BUT NOT ALL YEARS)
2. Construct pie charts for the different periods showing the percentage of total expenditure in each category.  (N:B SELECT TWO OR MORE YEARS NOT ALL YEARS.
3. With the aid of either pie charts or bar charts, discuss the major changes in consumption patterns between various years and describe them.
4. These data are in nominal terms, explain why it is necessary for data to be measured in real terms.
5. Analyse time series data between 1995 and 2010 for selected categories. Demonstrate descriptive statistics and explain the trends.
The total word count for this assignment is 2,000 words (plus or minus 5%).
Title Page
List of Contents
List of Tables, Illustrations and/or accompanying materials
Section 1 – Introduction or Theoretical Background
Section 2 – Academic and sector literature related to appropriate theory
Section 3 – The application of theory to practice (your own “value added”)
Section 4 – Conclusions, recommendations, or implications for the future.