DEALING WITH VALUE CONFLICTS At times you and a client may experience value clashes that make it difficult for you to work together. To help you identify such circumstances, complete the following inventory and determine when you might refer a client to someone else because of a conflict of value systems. Use this code: I = I would definitely work well with this type of person. 2 = I am certain; I cannot work with this type of person. _____ 1. An adolescent girl who is ambivalent about whether to have an abortion or not. _____ 2. An aggressive adolescent boy who is convinced that selling drugs is a good “get rich quick” lifestyle. _____ 3. A gay couple who want to adopt a baby. _____ 4. A lesbian who looks and acts masculine. _____ 5. A promiscuous man who is troubled about his extramarital affairs and is unwilling to give them up. _____ 6. A promiscuous woman who is troubled about her extramarital affairs and is unwilling to give them up. _____ 7. A very closed-minded individual who is convinced that all his problems would be solved if he did “God’s will” and made the Lord the center of his life. _____ 8. an individual who has a great deal of hostility toward any form of religion. _____ 9. A person whose basic value system includes the attempt to use and exploit others for his own gain. _____ 10. A person who has been tested HIV-positive and has no intention of informing his sex partners. _____ 11. an elderly person who deeply believes that people should be able to work out their problems by themselves thinking that any type of counseling is of little value in helping anyone make real-life changes. _____ 12. A bisexual person with racial prejudices. _____ 13. An attractive client who wears tight-fitting clothing. _____ 14. A person who is “transgendering” and is using illicit hormones. Personal values provide an internal reference for what is good, beneficial, important, useful, beautiful, desirable, constructive, etc. Individual cultures emphasize values, which their members broadly share. Values are generally received through cultural means, especially transmitted from parents to children. After completing this questionnaire, write a 1-2 paged doubled spaced, reflection of your value system. Grading will be based on: (1) the 1st page you are to write a brief description explaining your responses to this questionnaire; (2) the 2nd page write an explanation of your personal and cultural values as they relate to your responses; (3) organization of your paper in a logical manner employing proper spelling, grammar, syntax and content; and (4) critical thinking as you reflect on this assignment.

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