Differences between annotated bibliography and bibliography

Differences between annotated bibliography and bibliography
Each academic document needs citations to show the sources of the information. However, when using annotated bibliography, the citation is documented as soon as the information from the source is found which helps in saving time. Some of the differences between the two types of bibliographies are explained below.
The normal bibliography is a list at the last page of the document. The list only includes the sources used in acquiring information for the work. In the other type, the list is made as you find the sources. This makes it easier to identify the exact source you used for specific information.
In annotated bibliographies, the citation includes a short description of the content gathered from the source unlike the bibliography, which only requires lists of the sources of information used in the academic document.
To make a bibliography, the annotated bibliography is cut pasted to the last page of the essay to act as the bibliography. The content included is then deleted to make it a more accurate bibliography. Although the bibliography is more time consuming to make it is commonly used.
In conclusion, there are not many differences between the two types although they differ in the time taken to write. Although when writing the two ensure you write the title as works cited not annotated bibliography.
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