Different types of an academic essay

Different types of an academic essay.
There are many types of academic essays. Below is a discussion of some of the most common types of an academic essay.
Expository academic essay
This is usually a writer’s explanation of a short idea, theme or just an issue. They do this with the aim of informing their audience of some information. A good example can be a writer’s reaction to a literary work. You have come across reviews either on books, movies, and a place among others. These types of writing are referred to as expository writing. Expository are always people’s response.  The secret in succeeding in writing an expository academic essay is to have a clearly defined thesis, provide evidence or reasoning to support your ideas and lastly, ensure that you are concise even in the descriptions that you make.
Persuasive Academic essay
In persuasive academic essays, the aim always is to convince the reader to agree with a certain phenomenon. You always must convince the reader to support your school of thought. It is worth noting that the most vital element in persuasive academic essays is the writers’ ability to state their rationale so well. To succeed in this type of academic essay, ensure that you have a definite viewpoint. As you do this, try to maintain the reader’s interests. You cannot manage to maintain their interest if you don’t use a sound reasoning. You can also win them over by providing valid evidence. It is also important to have an idea about your audience as you write the persuasive essay.
Analytical academic essay.
This is the last category of academic essays analyzed in this piece of writing. In this type of writing, you always analyze, interpret or even examine things like events, play or work of art. Analytical essays have important qualities. The first important quality is the introduction as well as the presentation of the argument.  Use the introductory section to introduce the reader into what you are doing. You need to have a well-developed thesis sentence. As you continue deep in the essay, you can decide whether the author achieved the goal. It is also important to state your opinion or stance based on what you have discussed. Without a opinion, it is never an analytical essay.