Economic and Quantitative analysis

Task Details:
Prepare a proposal for an Economics paper on a topic from below list:
Innovation / equality / market failure / taxation / schools of Economic thought/ health / rationality/ determinants of growth / labour markets / society and market institutions
Should include:
1. Brief Introduction
2. Mini Critical Literature Review
3. Dataset – why useful
4. Methodology (include justification for proposed statistical analysis and how links to the dataset)
5. Journal you would submit to and why (short paragraph not everything from the journal’s website. Show thinking)
6. Bibliography (not included in word count)
7. Appendix: some detail of dataset if required to support the idea
It is key you start identifying a topic and importantly a dataset from. There is a list of datasets provided of the EQA unit. However, this list can never be comprehensive given the varied sources of information. Consequently, you need to read journals to see where authors accessed data in the areas which interest you.
I can not over emphasis the need for you to provide a statistical approach which is appropriate for your subject, question and dataset. If these details are not clear from your proposal you will not have a solid basis for your full journal article and immediately you will receive a lower grade.
1500 words.