The assessment is divided into two tasks: 1. Using a case study discuss reflectively a situation in which the issues of assured professionalism, trustworthiness, adherence to standards and regulations, etc. are raised (e.g. failure of an engineering system and the issues of professionalism surrounding that). Wherever possible, include examples of where your own particular knowledge and experience (academic and/or industrial) relates to the case study chosen. 2. Discuss the impact of plagiarism on engineering professionalism through the use of a case study (this can be the same study as selected for the previous part of the assessment). The discussion could cover such issues as the consequences of ‘misusing’ IP/patent information in the design of an engineered system, or the implications of plagiarised data and/or information on the performance of a system.

Paper details

a) The PDP submission should be limited to a maximum of five A4 pages for Part 1 and five A4 pages for Part 2. It must also be written in the first person. Writing in the first person will give you practice in relating your particular experiences/views with the case studies, which is a skill you will need when preparing a submission for registration as a professional engineer.