Essay Titles number 1 Question one Question One: National culture

There have been many criticisms of Hofstede’s original work on national culture. You should provide your own analysis of Hofstede’s work using appropriate supporting references and then outline the extent to which the limitations of his work have been responded to within later studies. Within your answer you should give specific examples of how the findings from the key studies could be used by managers in multinational companies.

  • You need to demonstrate your understanding of Hofstede’s work
    • Why did he do it?
    • How? When?
    • Who was it for (key stakeholders)?
    • You may find it useful to give an example; perhaps showing a comparison between countries
  • Who subsequently critiqued Hofstede’s work?
    • Who?
    • Why? How?
    • How credible and valid do you think their findings were?

_    What were the limitations of their work?

  • What are the key studies on national culture which have been published since Hofstede’s work?
    • Why have you selected them?
    • What are their strengths and limitations
  • To what extent do these studies respond to the limitations of Hofstede’s work?
  • How could the findings from the key studies be used by managers? For example:
    • To inform policy
    • To recruit or retain employees
    • As part of performance management processes
    • As part of a growth strategy
    • Due diligence on potential growth or expansion of the company

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