Ethical and Legal Issues in Healthcare

Task Details
Write a 2,500 word essay on any ethical, legal, or ethical and legal issue in healthcare.
The issue should identify a contemporary concern, and the essay should critically
analyse and evaluate it. Where possible, the essay should propose a solution to the
issue discussed or explain why a solution is difficult to find.
Threshold Standards
In order to pass Assessment 2 you will need to meet the following three Threshold Standards:
a) Demonstrate knowledge and critical awareness of a current ethical and/or legal issue in
contemporary healthcare, which is informed by literature and research at the forefront of
the discipline.
b) Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of relevant ethical and/or legal theories and
concepts and a critical appreciation of how they are applicable to the chosen assessment
c) Demonstrate a critical and systematic analysis, and provide a well-argued and creative
evaluation of the ethical and/or legal problems and challenges raised by the healthcare
issue addressed in assessment.