Final Memo

The assignment is a legal memo There is a detailed hypothetical situation attached. It has most of the relevant information included, with the details of assignment in the last paragraph. The beginning may seem a little confusing because the story line continues from previous assignments. Cases cited need to be from California law.

Paper details

Attached is a detailed grading rubric that will be used as well. The rubric provides (in the discussion sections) the statutes that will be used but additional cases will also be needed. Maximum length is 12 double spaced pages. Citations are to be in ALWD format.(ALWD is almost identical to Bluebook) Will be using the CREAC approach which is “conclusion, rule, explanation, application, conclusion”. I have additional files that will be useful, but did not want to submit them at the same time to prevent confusion. Online research is normally done using Westlaw or Lexis. Please reach out to me if you have any questions at all.