Finance, Accounting and Banking

Project: CAFR and NFP

  1. Select a CAFR from a municipality in your area. Present the government entity name and link to the most recent CAFR in the appropriate discussion for approval.

Prince William County, Virginia- Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

  1. Select an NFP entity and the related IRS form 990 (must have an IRS Form 990).

“The National Humane Education Society”

  1. The www.foundationcenter.orgweb site will be helpful to locate the most recently available form 990. Present the Not for Profit organization name and link to the most recent IRS form 990 in the appropriate discussion for approval.
  2. Write a three to four-page paper on the CAFR and a separate three to four page paper on the NFP. Relate topics from our textbook to your entity. Our discussion postings should assist you in completing your deliverables. The CAFR is your main resource for your government entity and the form 990 is the resource for your NFP. Consider too the concept of a Citizens’ Centric Report (CCR). Refer to www.agacgfm.orgfor information on the CCR. A CCR is a 4-page document summarizing information and creating a presentation for citizens and other stakeholders. Your professor may accept a CCR in place of the paper (ask!).  You may also ask about the CCR. ** If you complete the CCR you may copy and paste from the CAFR and entity websites (for both the government entity and the NFP organization).
  3. Prepare an eight slide Power Point presentation or create a Citizen Centric Report (CCR: templates and guidance at based on each paper. Note the separate due dates for each item: the CAFR paper, the NFP paper, and the two Power Point presentations (or CCR). This is a total of 4 documents, 2 for the municipality and 2 for the NFP. The presentation should be no more than 10 slides.  ** If you create a CCR, you can copy and paste from that document, the CAFR, and the government or NFP organization web site.
  4. The papers should be single-spaced with double spacing between paragraphs. Use one inch margins. Font should be 12 point. Use headings related to topics in our class.
  5. Page count does not include copy and paste text or displays (such as a balance sheet).
  6. Ask your professor about the option to create a CCR for the CAFR, the NFP, or both. With this option, you prepare a Citizen Centric Report (CCR) rather than a paper.  You may prepare a CCR for the CAFR and for the NFP or for both.
  7. Verify with your professor:  you may submit the CCR twice, once for the paper and once for Point file and presentation (also post your draft in the discussion). You can do this for the CAFR and / or for the NFP or for both.

All deliverables in our class should be single spaced with double spacing between paragraphs, written in your own words.