Financial Plan

In this assignment, you will be completing the first-year financial plan and first-year projected income statement. Ensure you include operating margin and be specific about operating costs and revenue streams. This is where all of the business planning comes together. Up to this point, you have identified the target market or population, your assumptions, and what expenses you expect to incur. It is important to know what expenses you will need to fund before you generate any return on investment. At a minimum, this section should include your estimated start-up costs/budget and projected profit and loss, along with a summary of the assumptions you are making with these projections. Utilize the template business plan and the included budget forms to complete this section. Within your financial plan, including a staffing plan that outlines projected staffing needs for the first year. Include projected staffing costs within your first-year financial plan. Describe the staff matrix and professional requirements. Sample Business Plan Template (attached) – please reference the template to figure out how to come up with the financial plan To understand how your work will be assessed, review the Scoring Rubric (attached)

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