Foreign aid, a blessing or a curse? From the perspective of the citizens of the donor nation, in this case citizen of Britain is it value for money?

Give and overview of foreign aid highlighting the key features of aid to developing nations
Reviewing the argument on aid, is it value for money from both perspective?  Does it enhance the economical and wellbeing of the recipient nations as such donor citizen encouraged to support the UN pledge 0.7%. Or it a waste of time based on statistical evidence or even worst is the whole concept designed to benefit the donor while political propaganda portrays the opposite?
Look at UK aid flow to developing nations, does it support the argument of aid as a fundamental tool to elevate poor nation from poverty.  Reviewing recipients of UK aid is there evidence of any impact on the nation’s wellbeing and economic growth.
Designed a questionnaire to find out what the public think about foreign aid.
Analyze the finding in relation to the literature
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