Future Challenges in Architecture Job Category: Academic

My Title is the Value of Design it is consist of looking in general at the value of design which are personal values, cultural values, professional values, aesthetic values, intellectual and ideological values.
Talk about these values and its problems and solve them
Have an introduction, conclusion, Chicago referencing
You are required to research and write a 1500 word paper on ‘The Profession of Architecture – Roles, Responsibilities and the Challenges of the Future’.
This paper might take an ‘overview’ of the main issues that you have become aware of (eg. the role of ‘professions’ in 21st C society, the ‘value’ of design, the responsibilities of the Architect in the procurement and design process, etc), or it might relate to a particular issue within the wider profession that you are interested in (registration of Architects/the professional body, gender in the profession, etc.). Whatever you choose to research and write on you must base your work on methodical research and reference your material within your written paper (there will be no marks if you simply give your ‘opinion’ without backing this up with reference to lectures, books, journals, other articles).
In order to stay focused you should structure your work by the following path:

  • Select a topic that interests you within the title given
  • Read up on it (read widely, the module reading list + additional material)
  • Set out four or five key issues related to this topic which you are aware of, and focus your research on these
  • Gather your research (at this stage it may not all ‘link’ together)
  • Build an ‘argument’ or ‘position’ (probably linked to key articles/journal pieces you have come across)

Learning Outcomes
P15 Demonstrate knowledge of the context of the architect and the construction industry, and the professional qualities needed for decision making in complex and unpredictable circumstances
K10 Show an understanding of the nature of professionalism and the duties and responsibilities of architects to clients, building users, constructors, co-professionals and the wider society
I6 Make connections between intention, process and outcome
T2 Identify individual learning needs and understand the personal responsibility required for further professional education
T6 Demonstrate the ability to apply critical inquiry, reasoning and evaluation skills.
1,500 words