Global Governance and World Order

Global Governance and World Order
Task Details
The assignment will be written in two parts to be submitted together in one document.
Part 1: A critical reflection (at least 1000 words)
Part 2: A policy brief (at least 1500 words)
Part 1: The critical reflection
This part of the assignment requires you to reflect critically on the argument of one of the key thinkers on global governance either:
Anne-Marie Slaughter
Robert Cox
David Held
Manuel Castells
What is the core thesis or claim made in this article?
What assumptions are made by the author?
What aims does the author have: what precisely do they try to explain? do they offer predictions?
Do they seek principally to understand world order; to critique it; or to transform it?
What forms of evidence are used to support their argument?
Is the argument original? How does it relate to other material you have read in this area?
Is the article coherent, consistent, well structured, evidence-based?
How convincing do you find this perspective? Does it help you to make sense of the arenas and issues you are researching for your presentation and policy briefs?
Part 2: The policy brief
You are a researcher for an NGO or policy think tank working on issues related to the environment, human rights, humanitarianism, development or conflict. Your aim is to influence the work of international organizations on current policy issues.
Choose one of the following issues listed below and write a policy brief of at least 1500 words:
• Forced displacement due to climate change in Bangladesh
• Threats to migrant rights in Europe OR United States
• Famine in Yemen OR South Sudan
• Land grabbing by multinational corporations in Colombia OR Cameroon
• Violence against civilians in Syria OR Iraq
You are strongly encouraged to use any relevant academic sources plus literature published
by international organisations, reputed advocacy groups, think tanks, research institutes, etc for your research.