Great eastern highway intersection improvements in 2017

Topic – Great eastern highway intersection improvements in 2017
Word limit- 3000
Level – masters or A graded
Needed in Word document
References- 15-25
Style- APA
Assignment 1
Assignment 1 is a traditional Project Management Body of Knowledge project management plan.
Learning outcome/s and Graduate Attributes
Completing this assignment will help you achieve the following learning outcome/s and ECU Graduate Attributes:
Faculty of Business and Law Web:

  1. Apply financial and non-financial ranking techniques to the selection of appropriate projects for a given organisation.
  2. Construct a comprehensive project plan (including the resource added work-breakdown structure, stakeholder analysis, risk analysis, procurement plan and communication plan).
  3. Apply appropriate project planning software.

Assignment instructions
For this assignment you are required to create a detailed project plan for an ICT project or an environmental science research project. You can specify the project and identify time periods. You should not make the project overly complex and focus on ensuring that the project has sufficient detail to undertake the assignment.
Marking criteria

Scope Statement Thorough definition and
Poor definition and  ‚ ƒ „ … † ‡
explanation explanation about scope
and how you would create
Financial and non- Comprehensive and
financial ranking  ‚ ƒ „ … † ‡ accurate Incorrect or
Incorrect or missing NPV, missing NPV, IRR and
IRR and intangible intangible analysis
Management Plan  ‚ ƒ „ … †
Key stakeholders not Key stakeholders
identified and/or identified and
management plan poorly management plan clearly


School of Business & Law
Work breakdown
structure and bottom-up Excellent development
budget  ‚ ƒ „ … and well justified structure
Lack of development of
Communication Plan  ‚ ƒ „ … Plan shows
Lack of development of communication
plan and management management and controls
Risk Analysis
Key risks not identified  ‚ ƒ „ … Risk clearly identified and
Procurement Plan  ‚ ƒ „ … † ‡ Demonstrates selection of
Does not demonstrate suppliers, contractual
selection of suppliers, considerations or
contractual considerations performance reporting
or performance reporting
Gantt Chart Logical flow of activities
Illogical flow of activities  ‚ ƒ „ … † ‡
and/or poorly defined and well defined resource
resource usage packages
Critical Path  ‚ ƒ „ Accurately defined
Not accurate or not shown
Cost baseline Including
Baseline not Baseline commensurate
commensurate with WBS  ‚ ƒ „ … † ‡ with WBS and Gnatt chart.
and/or Gnatt chart. Poor S-Curve demonstrated